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February is getting dressed in warm clothes month


All I want for Valentines Day is my two front teeth


We sure had a lot of snow this winter

I can't wait to play in the snow

Nobody smiles all of the time!

Where did my fingers go?


I feel them in there

These look like hitchhiker gloves

Got to carb load

Good Stuff!

Let's go bowling

My what big ears I have!

I can juggle too!

How about a corn chip?


Superbowl Party February 3, 2008

What's a Superbowl without food?

Watching the never-ending Pre-game show!

The Heller boys practice their Wii techniques

Ed & Jon showing great form

Diagram of the Game Winning Reception

3rd month and 6 to go!  That's you Brox!



Just standing around

For my next trick...

My smiley face

My serious face


Professor SM Heller has the Answer for Global Warming

Wearing this environmentally friendly suit,
Professor Heller is about to venture into the great outdoors and debunk all of the "chicken little theories" about Global Warming

"Here it is the middle of July
(Using the Souleean calendar of course) and I have caused the
Global Warming alarmists to re-think their silly arguments!"

"See there are no mosquitos"

Unfortunately these two mutant toes are about to face off after my experiments changing the seasons.

"Oh I can't look...eek the humanity of it all!"

We celebrate the the St.Valentine's Day massacre


Danika, Vicki, and Soulee
The girls get comfy

Who's a cutie pie?

I'm a cutie pie!

Like my profile?

Catching some zzz's with Daddy

Danika and me

Doing our thing

Danika doing her Tina Turner impression

The winter ritual


Need some help in the kitchen, Mom

I have a degree in Tupperware

It's so easy to use a baby can do it

Let me show you...

But first some entertainment

A puppet show!

Guess whose Uncle works at Playboy?

I just read it for the articles

Wow! Did you see Miss Berwyn?

Damn pictures are covering all of the articles.

Oops, Mom caught me reading the magazine

Ya think Mom is not too happy?

Sure looks that way

I'm going to the john to read this

Mom thinks I'm a basketball

Whee! A slam dunk!

Michelle and Madyson Rayann Jarvis

Reece, Madyson and Pete Jarvis


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