Soulee Maya Heller
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Soulee Maya Heller
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New Years Spy Story by the Forces of Evil
or the Patriot Act is more than we bargained for

It was New Year's Eve and it seemed like the thing to do...

I was just waiting for the ball to fall in New York...

when I was forced to eat this alien food.. a Taco!

I searched for the hidden radio transmitter...

but I felt good after I ate it, sort of mellow, ya know

Did they mix an illegal substance in that Taco?

Where are my liberties?

It tastes like a Chocolate Chip cookie...

Chocolate is good

Secret agent Alex forces me to give up the formula for the cookie

I'll set the timer for the booby trap

Agent Dufusovitch forces me to eat this morsel

It tastes like chicken

I'll spit it out!

Natasha the utility infielder of that mind numbing organization
the Chicubs mixes the truth serum to make me talk!

Waiting patiently to interrogate me, is the Truth Squad


Here comes 2008

I'm waiting for a call from Aunt Karen

Wow! Cousins Andy and Marybeth Heller just had a son

I'm celebrating with a corn dog!

Ya know Dad, Enough with the pictures!

Can't a Lady have a little privacy?

There's no hiding from that mad photographer

Dad said the Cubs will win it all this year! Ha! Ha!

I see at least five teeth in this picture


Ryan William Heller -January 11, 2008
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Time to go Bowling

I had a little snack
I've got to recharge my smile

There we go-I look like Alfalfa!

Danny and Alex

I can't wait to roll my Playboy Ball

I think the span is a mite too big

Boy, it's heavier than I thought

You mean Dad uses that heavy ball!

I gotta find a lighter ball

Let's Wii bowl, it's easier


I Learn to Use a Tooth Brush

I practice for the Dental Open

Notice the overlapping grip, Like Tiger

I line up the putt...

I get help from my caddy

I made par

Time for a story!

This is what the Ugly duckling looks like...

...or maybe like this

I have to see how this ends

I am really touched by this story

Boy, it's a real page turner!

Just waiting for Mom to help me get dressed

Fac ut gaudeam

Ne conjugare nobiscum

Fabricati diem

Veni, Vidi. Flati
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