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Page 25  -  OGA Day -2007
Produced by Bill and Jodi Heller
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Ostentatious Gifts Accumulation Day -2007

Grandma admiring Soulee's new dress

"Why thank you, Grandma"

The Peanut Gallery

My Daddy and Uncles played with this toy

Daddy gives me rabbit ears

Uncle Ed helps me open some of my presents

Tickle Me Elmo is goofy

I hug Elmo after he goes into spasms

"So Elmo, what's tickling you?"

Daddy tells me that Elmo isn't hurting

See, Elmo's OK

Now you behave

Cookie Monster is acting nutty too!

You Sesame guys are crazy

Uncle Jon and Daddy opening their presents

I'm going to steal these Hershey Bars while no one's looking

I got a new sled

Wow! A Duff Beer Lamp

Bulldrog Drummond lives

Blackhawk up!

Let's see, if I can land this at Meigs Field

Uncle Ed wonders if the helicopter is bringing dessert

Soulee and Grandpa

We pose for pictures

Who makes the funniest faces?

Dat's all folks!

Elmo, Ernie and Cookie Monster lining up for inspection

I'm going to tickle all of these guys

Hail, Hail, the gangs all here

Where's Soulee?

I thought this phone was a remote!

Things go better with COKE


Christmas at Laurie's

Jodi, Bill & Soulee

Laurie and Reece

Danika and Dayna

Pete, Reece and Michelle


Pete Jammin'

Sassy sleepin'

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