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Soulee Maya Heller
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It's My 1st Birthday

It was cold and snowy day...

How do you like my Birthday Suit?

Uncle Ed guards my presents

Michelle and Pete


Dad! It's my birthday

Vic waits for the festivities to begin

The Mess Hall

Jamie and Me

Kaylie and Me

Just Girl talk

What's that thing on my head?

Don't touch my hat!

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to!

Uncle Ed wishes me a Happy birthday

Toby, Jamie, Kalie and Soulee

It's football on the big screen

Downstairs waiting for the show to begin

In the Theater

Lots of testosterone in this room

Grandma and me

I wonder what's so sad?

 I think Alex likes me

Alex and me

Dad feeds me lunch

Alex, me and Uncle Jon

Michelle practicing for the next one

Playing in the basement with Reece

Mom and Dad fixed up the basement

Reece shows me a bottle trick



Chuck and me

Chuck and me get along great


Toby, Chuck and Soulee

In the playroom downstairs

Chuck said something funny

I do a dance

My Personal Birthday Cake

The big Cake for everyone else


Reece, Heidi, Soulee and Kaylie enjoy the big screen theater

Heidi and me

Danika and Dayna

Vicky, J.R., and Toby

Toby, Jamie, and Augie


Dad gets me ready for the Happy Birthday song

Mom lights the candle on my cake

Dad wishes me a Happy Birthday

"Happy Birthday..."

...Happy Birthday to you!"
Click Here for the video



More guests come on in

Lesson #1 How to eat a birthday cake

Hey, this frosting tastes sweet

You can use this frosting for rouge

What do you mean there's frosting on my face?

I wonder what this white stuff is?

Look somebody cut me a wedge of cake.
Click here to see me feeding Mom some cake.


Not too bad!!

Dad takes a picture of me eating the cake

I like birthday cake

Vickie is enjoying the cake

Chuck, Drew, Jenny, Heidi and Ed watching me eat cake

Jodi and Dayna passing out the cake and ice cream

Uncle Ed woke everybody up by breaking a balloon

The Balloon Olympics

The Smith Brothers pose for a cough drop package

It's time to open the presents

Let the games begin!

Pete, Larry, Jamie, Vickie, and Drew watching me open the presents

 Uncle Ed got me a gigantic Remote!

Pretty big eh!

That was fun let's do it again next year

Danny lets me play with his watch

Riding my new car

Another great new toy

JR and me
Alex's Photos

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