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Thanksgiving 2007

The Lights Parade on Michigan Ave,  Nov. 17th
Bill and family are five rows behind the kids on the right 
behind 1500 other people, see Bill is smiling!

Even Papa is in this photo

Uncle Jon explains the talking doggie to Soulee

... and this is before the trytophan kicked in

Let's get this Thanksgiving stuff going!

Papa went up to the attic for all my Dad's old toys
(None made in China!)

Now Mom tries to show Soulee the talking doggie

And in this corner..

Uncle Jon helps Soulee with her new tee shirt

The girls are plotting against us guys

I got a a shopping bag full of stuff

Uncle Jon and me trip the light fantastic

"I can't wait for the turkey!"

What a handsome couple!

"Outta my way, where's the turkey"

The Turkey before the meal

Uncle Ed circumcising Tom the Turkey


Grandma preparing for surgery on the bird

Only Ed's cranberry sauce is on the table

Soulee's place setting

Chocolate Death Cake before being engorged by Ed's tummy

Grandma's Apple Pie

French Silk Pie

Poppy seed and Ed's oatmeal cranberry with Belgian white chocolate

Those desserts sure look good

Two more teeth and I'll be able to eat anything

I wonder if Penelope Cruz started this way?

Do you think lavender is my color?

I'm ready for any kind of Chicago winter!

Do I look like a high fashion model?

Too much turkey

After dinner stair climbing- Got to work the Turkey off you know!


Eric and Kristin Artnzen taking me a for a walk

Sometimes you just have to have a banana

"Mammy!" (for all you Al Jolsen fans)

"Who me?

I'm so mobile now

Which button opens the door?

I love corndogs!

Almost as good as chocolate

Aunt Karen and Uncle Jerry gave me this blue monkey

We're just hangin' around

Yep, that's me in my Sweetpea nightgown

You'll notice that my toes never leave my feet

How's this pose?

Yeah, I like this one better

Sir Edmund Hillary started like this before Mt. Everest

Dad and me catching 40 winks

Move over Brittany and Lindsay

Do I look cool or what?

Just like Chesterfield Cigarettes
So Round, so Firm, So Fully Packed...
Buns of Matzo Balls

Where's Uncle Ed, I'm ready for my centerfold spread

Holy Moley, I'm faster when I'm streamlined like this

Having fun with papa and Grandma

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