Soulee Maya Heller
Page 22 - Parties, Parties, Parties
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Soulee Maya Heller
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Girls Night Out (Jen's Birthday)

What's the age for a driver's license?

Daddy escorted me to Jen's party

Jen the birthday girl

Call the fire department!

Lighting the candles

Blow them all out

Papa said Chocolate cake is good for me

Over the lips, past the gums,
lookout tummy here it comes

Ummm.'s good!

Papa said I was a princess!

Let's see if you can sing

"Pretty Woman..."

Daddy, keep these crazy women away from me!

Too late, they got me

Mugging for the camera

"How dry I am"


Bowling with a Wii

It doesn't smell like a real bowling alley
with smoke and spilled beer

Notice the great form

Papa says his back hurts worse than with real bowling!

This kind of bowling is easy
I read a really neat book

Mom and Me reading this real cool animal book

Look at the dinosaur

That tiger sure looks more scary than on the Frosted Flakes box

Hey Mom, how about some Fish and Chips?

Turn the page...

I can't wait until they make this book into a movie.


I'll hide the remote from Dad

He'll never find it here

Mom is going to show me how to use the Wii game

This is fun

Pretty good, eh?

I can use either hand

OK, I'm going to solo now

Now watch out

Let's eat!

Yes, I can feed myself

I missed my mouth!

My Winston Churchill imitation

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