Soulee Maya Heller
Page 20-I'm Walking (Almost)
October 2007
Produced by Bill and Jodi Heller

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Soulee Maya Heller
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Spring has sprung,  Fall has fell

"If I could walk, I'd show Apollo how to play"

""Uh Oh Apollo is making a move"

I will now do my impression of Fats Domino singing "I'm Walkin'"

But first I will dine.

Did you bring the ribs?

Mom and me

Mom says she's gonna show me how to walk

Maybe I'll walk on my own

First I have to stand...

Ok Mom, Let go

This is scary

I want to hold your hand (by the Beatles)

One step for Soulee, One step for mankind

Look Ma, No Hands

Now here's the twist

You can't even see the wire

This isn't so hard

This is fun

I'm going to take a walk outside

This driveway sure is long

I'm ready for the Olympics

I'm so proud of myself

Can I finish this before answering the phone?

Guess not!

Grandma and me making funny faces

Mom and me playing Tickle Me

Playing with my new toy

It's easier sitting down

It's hard to smile all the time

Oh well, here I go again

My Politician pose

...and if I'm elected...

I sit in my carseat and see everywhere we've been!

C'mon Baby, Light my Fire

I am doing the Stump, a new dance!

This is how the Flying Wallendas started


Paul and Sofia Seeley's Wedding
Photos by noted Photographer Otto Phocous
Captions by Alfred E. Newman

Look Ma, Papparazi!

Oh well, I'll give them what they want

The Sarge on Protective Duty


Zaya with Mom

Count Dracula (Sean) giving high sign!

The Sarge giving me support during meal time

Mom, Me and Jay

Paul awaiting his fate

"Are you a Buckingham Palace Guard?"
Maria, Sarge and Jay

The wedding begins

Defensive Line of the Bears?

The Golden Girls

Let the festivities begin!

"Here comes the Bride...

...all dressed in White"

The party of the 1st part

Don't go away!

Isn't Photoshop neat?

"Want to go bowling?

Back to me and Mom

Which twin has the Toni?

Boys will be boys! Jim, Sean, and Zaya

That's better

The rest of the guys, Sean, Zaya, and Bill

Paul and Sofia

Don't worry, I play a Gynecologist on TV


Meanwhile back at the Fiesta

Want to de-tassle some corn?

Say who is that masked man?

I thought this was the Berman Bar-Mitzvah

Am I a pirate or a Gypsy?

This drink turned my eyes red!

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