Soulee Maya Heller
Page 19 Fall is Coming
Sep 7- Sept 20, 2007
Produced by Bill and Jodi Heller

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Soulee Maya Heller
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It's Football Season

The Bear Offense is so exciting!

zzz 3 and out

Grossman made another turnover

... and another turnover

At least we have Hester!

Hey Mom, want to hear a joke?

I told you it was funny.

Uncle Ed, Uncle Jon, and little Billy in Box

Someone told me my Dad was pictured  in a box too.

What a neat toy

No one will find me in here.
I get a Manicure

Mom, what are you getting?

That sure looks dangerous

I can't watch!

That wasn't too bad.

The Cubs make me crazy

What do you mean, the Cubs lost!

Do you like my pink outfit?

Mommy doesn't like pink.

I can't wait for winter so Mommy can take 20 minutes to dress me

Just Kidding

Now this is a good photo

Dad hooked up a swing to one of our trees


 Cousins Soulee, Danika, and Reece take some pictures
















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