Soulee Maya Heller
Page 18  -  Labor Day and Beyond
Produced by Bill and Jodi Heller
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Last Update October 14, 2009

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Going to Takeda's Softball Party

Taking my 7th Inning Snooze

This doesn't taste like a Frosty Malt!
Photos of Me and other People

Uncle Jon and Jeremy testing  Donuts

Look there's a website devoted to me!


You want my password?

I'm eating solid food now

I'm going over to the stereo and play some Johnny Cash

I'm learning to dance

Pretty good eh?

My 1st picture of me scooting along the floor looking for mischief

Why would they put this on the bottom of my pants?

Can you see my two teeth?

Push my buttons and I smile

Aw Reservoir as we say in the French Sewers

Uncle Ed gave me this green California bear!

Uncle Ed and Mom

This water bottle is fun

If I squeeze the bottle like this- the cap will fly off

Uncle Jon and I discuss depreciation

I got rhythm...












Page 19 - Fall is Coming

Table of Contents 

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