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Produced by Bill and Jodi Heller
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Jodi's 34th Birthday Party

Happy Birthday Jodi

Let's see what you got!

Bill got his crabs!

Grandma Roberta, Soulee and Uncle Ed enjoying their food

Uncle Jon, Grandma Roberta, and Uncle Ed

Notice the form for eating crablegs

Grandpa Rich gets into a photo too!

Andre, Bill and Alex

Uncle Jon and Soulee

"Hey kid you want to be a centerfold?"


Jodi, Andre, Chris, Soulee, Bill, and Alex

One "mo" time

Bill, Soulee, Jodi, and Alex

Jodi and Alex


Enjoying each other's company

Jon, Roberta, and Ed

"Well let's see what's the special"

"I think I'll have a pizza"

Ed, Rich, and Chris

"Whatta ya mean there's no pizza!"

Andre, Jodi, and Soulee

"Get off the table Mable, the quarter's for the beer!"

Secret signs from Frisco

Here's my monkey Bobb

Uncle Jon explaining how the Cubs won today

When do we eat?

Jon and Jodi

That's the end of the party


A Day in the Park and other Pleasures

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How come Soulee doesn't look at the camera

Dad is such a ham!

Almost got Soulee looking at the camera

Ride 'em cowgirls!

I think we're riding on a dinosaur

Look ma one hand!

That's enough for Tyranosaurus Roxanne

Remember the Bobs at Riverview?

This is better!

I'm standing. Now what?

I'm learning to drive

The park makes me tired

What's that around the corner?

Dad and Me

We're swingers!

I'm doing my Winston Churchill imitation

Daddy's lap is nice

Now for some action rides on the swing

 OK Mom, let 'er rip


I hope I don't fall out

This is fun


Let's go again!

 This is a pretty park

We took my big Honkin wagon to the park


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See how I've grown.

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