Soulee Maya Heller
Page 16  -  July - August 2007- Summer Solstice
Produced by Bill and Jodi Heller
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Soulee Maya Heller
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Have a chuckle with Soulee!

A day at Great America

Karla and me at Great America

Kristy and me mug for the camera

Mom and me


Dad and me

Being cool in my Red Wagon

For my first trick...

At no time do my fingers leave my hand...

Watch the bouncing ball...

I will now chew on the ball...

For my next trick, a block...

I will now palm this humungous ball

Maybe next time

Now for a siesta


That's me with the blushing bride, Jennie

Heidi, can I be a member of the Wedding party?

One day I will walk with a spoon in my hand

Look at all my bling!

Notice the form

The food is off of the spoon

Grandpa scared me with a funny noise

Grandpa said the squirrels
 ate all of the sweet corn he planted

At my pensive best

Waiting for something to happen

Grandpa and me

You are going to be hypnotized!

Grandma consoling me

Who has chubby cheeks?

I do!




Add one teaspoon of ...

...and shake well!

I will now drink this...

...while Mommy reads Harry Potter.

Almost standing up!

Want to see it a again?

Watch me dance.

I need a couple of hands

Look Ma- One hand!

A fungus among us!


Look out Nora Jones, here I come!

You want to hear Melancholy Baby?

Let me at those '88's

Two of my biggest fans

Swimming with Dad

I hope I can float!

What you lookin' at!

I'm getting my daily rays

Grandma and me taking a reading break

Where's Harry Potter?

Wow this is neat!

The heartbreak of foot fungus!

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