Soulee Maya Heller
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Soulee Maya Heller
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Another Sleepover at Kaylie's House


Kaylie feeding Soulee


Lynn and topless Soulee

Soulee's First Cub Game- They Won 5-4!

Well they won this time!

Me and Dad getting set for today's game


We took Grandpa and Grandma to the rooftop
with the blue seats on Father's Day-They lost!

We had pretty good seats

Dad and me telling those overpaid mercenaries
that they better win for me

My seventh inning nap!

We beat 'em 5-4!!!


My first Swimming Lessons in my own Pool!

We're in our new swimming pool


This isn't too bad


Do any of you see that Shark on my left?

Just keep it nice and slow, Dad.

If I press this button, I can make a roostertail!

I think I'm getting pruney

This water tastes like Daddy's feet

Another day at the Country Club


If I were Queen of the World...

If I was Queen of the World...

I'd let the Cubbies hit more homers

...and make summer last a lot longer

..So I proclaim!

 I think I need a bigger toy box!

I love this toy.

Grandma came over to watch me eat my squishy carrot bag

It should have chocolate in it.


I Battle the Dreaded Cub Virus

Here I sit waiting for those Cubbies to score...

My nose is running and I must have caught the dreaded
Cubbie Virus at the game!

Oh no! The fickle finger of fate!

I've been beeped!

My friend Reece shows me how to grip a curve ball

His Dad shows Reece the grip for a knuckler

I think I've got it now.

Now pitching for the Cubbies...

Is this Rasputin the mad Monk?

My Cubbie virus is still here!


There will be Peas in Our Time

I growed them peas!

Gee Grandpa, you grew them from scratch?

I'll bet there were all kinds of creepy crawly things on those peas.

Oh heck, I'll give them a try.

Mom is doing slight of hand to hide that green stuff

Over the lips...

...past the gums...

...look out tummy... it comes!

It's not chocolate...

but Grandpa, it tastes pretty good.

I think I'll have some more!

Rubber Ducky doesn't taste as good as the peas

Maybe if I put some barbecue sauce on it

If I really try, it tastes almost like a Krispy Kreme donut

I think I'll stick to peas.


We Interrupt this Webpage to Bring you this Important Message!

Oh Gee, I wonder what it can be?

Ripped from the Headlines!!!

Where's my on base percentage?

Let's Party!


Reese and Danika Ride in My Big Red Wagon

Reese hurries to go ride in the Big Red Wagon

Danika looks on as Reece negotiates the stairs

Fasten your safety we go

Wow that was some turn!


WNBA Tryouts or I might be a Wildwood Globetrotter

Got to warm up first

Is this an WNBA Ball?

Let's all whistle "Sweet Georgia Brown!

Meadowlark Lemon's got nothing on me.

I think I'll try to dunk

Whadda ya mean a foul!

Stick it in who's ear!

and now for my next trick...

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