Soulee Maya Heller
Page 14  -  June 2007
Produced by Bill and Jodi Heller
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Party for Painting the Basement

Jen Furgason visits again

Soulee entertains the troops

Sometimes I get tired

We could be painting the basement

The whole "Damp" Family

Ed and Dad

I wonder what Mom sat on!

Soulee and Uncle Jon


and for my next trick...

Uncle Jon has kryptonite fingers

Supergirl or not...I'm cold

Grandpa catching 40 winks


A Heller of a Party
Uncle Jerry and Aunt Karen come to Town

Oh boy a whole bunch of Heller's are coming

Soulee and Lynn Heller getting acquainted

Rhonda, Gladys, Mark and Karen Heller

Rhonda, Gladys Mark and Jon Heller

Soulee and Lynn Heller

Lynn thinks "How can I take Soulee home...?

Karen, Jerry and Gary Heller

Karen, Jerry and Gary Heller

Lynn pleads for Soulee

Dad and Soulee stay together

Lynn, Jon and Bill

Practicing saying good by

Cousins Larry and Jerry Heller

Cousins all
Gary, Rich, Larry, Jerry and Mark Heller

Talking Cubs-What else!

Jerry pushes the Phillies to Mark

The Ladies are not talking Cubs

Soulee taking it all in

Trying to whistle

Lynn, Karen, Roberta, Rhonda and Soulee

...and this is how Quiznos makes a Sub

The Peasants eat

Jerry explaining the Pine Barrens to Larry and Rich

Jon, Gary, and Ed pose for holy pictures

Gary tries his hand with Soulee

Soulee says she likes Lynn better

The ladies share a good moment

Larry doing the Macarena

Soulee shows all the ladies how to jump in a cup

Fraydell and Gladys

Bill never saw a camera he didn't like
while Mark and Larry wait for the sunset

The ladies are bushed

Soulee tries to re-arrange Grandma's glasses

Eddie showing Soulee the half nelson

Soulee wants Lynn's earrings

The Heller brothers stogie club

Macho eh?

Karen, Soulee, and Lynn

Looking for a sacrifice at the firepit

Jon taking Soulee for a wagon ride

Soulee mugging for the camera

We're all pooped!

Lynn plays "Bouncy, Bouncy" with Soulee

Guess who's Daddies girl?

Daddy chewing on a toe

Playing with Mom

That was fun, let's do it again


Grandpa and Grandma

Dad said I could have a Blackberry

I thought blackberries were sweeter

Anyone know Grandpa's number?

17 Year Cicada

Karen, Roberta and GIANT CICADAS


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