Soulee Maya Heller
  Page 13  - Chicago Botanical Gardens
May 2007  
Produced by Bill and Jodi Heller
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Soulee Maya Heller
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Mother's Day Pictures









A trip to the Chicago Botanical Gardens
This Page rated PG-13

Katie and Alex joining us on a trip
to the Chicago Botanical Gardens

Mugging for the Camera

Mom and me  at the Garden

I can't wait to see the flowers and trees

Here we go


See Mom, I told you it tastes like a bike tire!

Here are some pictures of what's in the
Chicago Botanical Gardens

Two Lips?


Looks kinda small for a Port-a Pottie

Look out Martha...Here comes the Smut!

Katie is smitten with this dude!


Biology 101

This is on the Internet, you know!
Meanwhile, Back at the Garden...

Where is Katie?

Not there

 ...or there

Who trimmed this tree?

Did they get these flowers at Wal-Mart?


Mother's Day-2007

Over the rivers and thru the woods...

...we're off to Grandma's house


Grandpa is taking us for a tour of his garden

Now  for a bunch of photos of me and Dad

What's he doing with my feet?

Boy, Dad is such a ham!

If I could walk, this is what I'd look like.

Now he's messing with my hands.

Are we through yet?

That's better, it's just me!

Ride 'em cowgirl!

Look out for that Mustang!

One day my hair will be just like Mom's

Our Clean Green Machine

There's Pancho our Illegal Gardener

If you look carefully, you can see a bee on the flower

The three ladies out for a walk

Posing in my buggy

Daddy is inflating the doll

Soulee, Grandma and Dad

Looking pensive

Playing pass the kid

Me and Dad catching 40 winks

Holy crap, I'm upside down!

1st sighting of me holding the bottle

2nd sighting of me holding my bottle

Sgt. Roach standing guard duty at the Heller Mansion

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