Soulee Maya Heller
Page 11 -  April 2007
April 8- 25, 2007
Produced by Bill and Jodi Heller

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Soulee Maya Heller
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April 8th
Busy Sunday-Grandma's Birthday, Passover, Easter,
The Masters the Cubs, Sox and the Bulls
(and the Blackhawks)

Grandma Roberta with Soulee

Happy Birthday Grandma

I get lots of pictures at grandma's house

Grandma thinks what's over there, pretty funny

Let me at those Matzo Balls

Uncle Ed and Jon attacking the Sponge Cake and Maccaroons

I'm wearing a very pretty dress

Grandpa takes a serious picture of me

Dad and Me

Gee, I'm hungry

I'm going to jump on the matzo

Turn  me loose Dad

Get off the table Mabel, the quarter's for the beer!

Another photo of me and Grandma


The Story of a Starving Child

It was a dark and stormy night...

I was hungry beyond belief

My beloved Cubbies blew another one and my stomach was growling

If you look closely, you can see my belly trembling

I tried eating these freaking plastic rings

Oops I think the ring bit my lip!

My fingers don't taste too bad

I'm going to plotz if I don't get anything solid to eat

Wait a minute, is that somebody with a spoon?

Can I wash this stuff down with that beer that's on the table?

Let's see what this green goop tastes like

It tastes like a Cub victory

Hmm, it smells like chlorophyll

Anybody got a toothpick?

That was the worst tasting stuff I ever had


Of course it was the only hard stuff I ever had

See I'm just a little girl in a VERY BIG chair

Mirror Mirror on the Toy...


A Ride in a Big Honkin' Wagon

The Brand New FMD (Front Mom Drive) Red Wagon


I can invite the whole neighborhood for a ride
in my Big Honkin' Wagon


Home Jeeves!


Notice the mesh side curtains


Room for Two


Wow, I can go shopping in this Big Honkin Wagon


That was fun let's do it again!



This time, let Daddy pull the wagon


Laugh, I thought I'd ...


Another view of me



Couldn't you see I was sleeping?

...another 6 inches and I get that pizza!

Be Happy

4 Months and 9 Days old

Geesh! I'm almost as heavy as Dad's bowling ball!

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