Baltimore Vacation,  June 2008

The plaza in front of the Water Taxi

Waiting for Jerry to park the car

Looking toward the Water

The River

USS Constellation

Going to Ft. Mc Henry

Passing a Japanese Coast Guard Ship
(This outsourcing has gone too far!)

USS Antares a Naval transport ship
just back from the Middle East

The Linthicum an Army Corps of Engineers boat
passes the Sanctuary a Navy Hospital ship

Mendonca and Seay, two transports back from Iraq & Afghanistan

Ft. McHenry

The "Beatles" walking past the statue of Gen. Armistad
the hero of Ft. Mc Henry

The fort is laid out in a star pattern

Some of the Big Shots at the fort

Fort Mc Henry where Frances Scott Key
wrote the Star Spangled Banner

Jerry and Karen act as targets for the British ships

Jerry and Roberta

Camden Yards

Orioles Wall of Fame

Corridor between the warehouse and the ballpark

Jerry walking in the corridor

Looking at the ballpark thru the bleacher gate

Display of the numbers of famous Baltimore Orioles

Cal Ripken

Brooks Robinson
Three of the Plaques of the Players who hit home runs in the corridor

Statue of the "Babe"

Restaurants and drinking establishments across from Camden Yards

Back of the Warehouse

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